Our Story


Ever since I was a child I have loved fashion, jewellery and fabric. My favourite pastime was always “dress ups”. No doubt partly inspired by a stylish fashionista mother and two impeccably dressed grandmothers!

I dabbled in fashion in my younger years entering the Benson & Hedges design awards and making all of my own creations for balls and occasions. After becoming a Nurse, I started “Sweetie Pie”, a childrens wear label while on maternity leave, which I sold by party plan.

After finally saying goodbye to my Nursing career, I opened a fashion store – Viva La Moda which I owned and operated for 6 years. I was most definitely in my happy place being surrounded by fashion and jewellery and sharing that passion with like-minded people. People who think fashion is just about clothes have clearly never witnessed the amazing transformation in women emerging from a fitting room feeling fabulous in what they are wearing! The surge of confidence is instant and heartwarming to witness. One of the side benefits of feeling good about yourself is that you radiate that positivity and kindness to others so it’s a win win situation.

When owning my store, I became aware of gaps in the market, there were many things I wanted to stock that just weren’t available. Since selling my store, I have been on the lookout for my next adventure and am now embarking on a new direction – French Style Lab. 


I have always been inspired by all things French. Maybe it’s my French heritage but ever since primary school where I was first introduced to learning French, I was hooked.

I love the sound of the language, the music, the scenery, architecture and most of all, the fashion style. French style is all about classic and timeless effortless elegance. Even when dressing casually, you can look stylish, fashionable and “put together”.